So I am just starting to learn to play guitar in my school and I'm really interested in it. I want to get an electric guitar with an amp.

Is this guitar good for beginners:

And is this amp good for beginners:


EDIT: BTW I will be playing classic rock, alternative, rock, metal, and metalcore.
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Ibanez is pretty good, I'd go for a Roland MicroCube or Peavey Vypyr over the Spider personally, but it still does the job for practise.
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go with the ibanez and a microcube as said already
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For a starter, your set. That is somewhat better than what i started with :P
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For the price you're paying for the amp, it's probably the best in the price range ($70), and that's really saying something since I would almost never recommend one, but I'd still suggest paying a bit more and getting a Roland Microcube or a Peavey Vypyr.
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decent amp, I use the 75 watt one at band, and its pretty sweet. Personally Id go with a squier strat or epi LP special, but thats just because I dont like the Look of Ibanez solidbodys (great acoustics and hollowbodys though). Allot of people hate squier, but for the price they are amazing
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check out rondomusic.com

guitar for less
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I agree with the comments above about getting a vypyr. Also though if its your first guitar the Floyd Rose is a little more difficult. Its harder to get strings in, tune the guitar and can be a hassle. If theres any possibility of more money in the near future this ibanez is great.


Also like mentioned above rondomusic.com is great,


^^ awesome guitar.
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Go to rondomusic.com for the guitar, but get a vyper or a roland cube. Line 6 sucks (at least the spyders)
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*sigh*. NO to the spider and no to floating trems. Get a :

1. Yamaha Pacifica
2. Epiphone SG or Les Paul
3. Fixed bridge Ibanez RG

As for the amp, a Peavey Vypyr 15 is a great starter amp. The Roland cube and Vypyr are both pretty good, but since you play a lot of heavy, high-gain stuff the Vypyr will probably suit your needs more.
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I think it's a good choice but you might want to get a guitar with out a trem at first. Tuning a guitar with a trem can be hard for someone just starting out. I would suggest an Ibanez without the trem just to be safe. I have yet to find a bad Ibanez guitar no matter what the price. I really love Ibanez necks they feel and play great.

The Spider amp is a good choice I know people tend to bash them here and push Roland Cube and Micro Cubes. I never tried a Roland until I saw so much good talked about them here so I finally tried several models out and as far as I am concerned they are utter crap! It's like play thru an old transistor radio IMO.

The Peavey Vypyr is a good amp but I still prefer the Line 6 over it.

If you can try out your choice you would be better off rather than buying it off the net. You do not have to buy it from where you try it but it's always good to try a guitar out first just to see if you like the feel. Guitar Centers are all over the place try and get to one.

If you do get the Line 6 take the time to learn how it works. Do not depend on the presets. Every different modeling setting needs it's own drive, channel vol, bass, mid and treble and mid settings as well. Once you get the hang of it shaping your tones you'll be very happy. You need to turn down the Drive and Channel settings every time you change the model setting first then adjust those then the others. I use mainly the Metal and Insane mods.

What are floating trems? I am a complete noob at guitar I am just starting out fresh brand new so I have no idea what it is.

EDIT: Oh it's a whammy bar? Wait why is it called "floating" I don't get it, and what's bad about having a whammy bar on a beginner guitar?
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A floating trem goes by it's name.. it just floats there.. it's not mounted on the body.. there are two knobs holding it down from coming apart but the only thing from keeping it falling back is the strings.. There is nothing bad about have a whammy bar on a beginner guitar.. Just for starters.. it's much easier to get one with out because it's easier to tune. With a floyd if you make one slight adjustment on 1 string you will usually have to re-tune em all a bit Plus you gotta unlock the locking nut & after you use the tuning knobs. You lock the nut then gotta fine tune it which can also be a pain.bnecause the tension on the bridge system was messed up. With a fixed bridge(no whammy) it takes wayy less time to tune because the bridge ai'nt floating.
best possible cheap beginner combination is

a yamaha pacifica
and a peavy vyper
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Quote by steve!
best possible cheap beginner combination is

a yamaha pacifica
and a peavy vyper

That combination is almost $300.

The combination I posted is a little over $200. $200 is my limit I am a complete BEGINNER as in I know almost NOTHING about guitar I'm taking a class but that's it and I want to learn to play but I don't want to spend a lot in the beginning.
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dean vendetta xm $100-$120 depending if its on sale
spider 3 $68
or peavy $99

trust me on this one

And WHY should I trust you on this one...?

Lol I kid, I kid, but seriously what's so great about it?
that's a pretty good setup for a begginner
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