what do you look for when buying a new acoustic guitar?
what price would you look for? £200?
nothing sarcastic please e.g. "an acoustic?"
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what do you look for when buying a new acoustic guitar?
what price would you look for? £200?
nothing sarcastic please e.g. "an acoustic?"

That would all depend on the person buying it really.

So, what do YOU, actually want to know/ask?
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When I buy new gear of any kind I try to think ahead in terms of practicality. The reason for that being that pretty much everything I buy is going to be intended for optimal live usage in a full band situation. This is true for me with acoustic guitars as well because our sound is a good mix of acoustic and electric guitar (think Goo Goo Dolls).

Now what type of tonewood does exceptionally well with cutting through a full band in a live mix? MAPLE! very tight, focused tone with not too much to say for overtones. Overtones are notorious for muddying up a full live mix, but that doesnt make maple the only good choice for this application. It just so happens that I just like maple as a tonewood in general, live mix aside. Im big on treble in my sound. I love brightness and fullness.

Of course the action is important. My Walden's action is considerably higher than my Taylor T5's. After playing my Walden for about an hour my fingers hurt pretty bad despite my callouses. So naturally I lean towards my T5 in terms of playability.

The electronics. Obviously since I already said that pretty much everything I buy is intended for optimal live use I look for the quality of the electronics in an acoustic and I often tend to ignore guitars in a store that dont have electronics in them already. Whatever. I've become a big fan of the ES system in HIGH END Taylor guitars. The 100 and 200 series dont actually have the magentic neck pickup + 2 soundboard transducers setup, they have a UST instead. Not a big fan of UST's or any other piezo type application anymore.

And lastly, I am partial to certain brands. Some people will say thats not something that should matter, but c'mon if you're in a guitar store trying stuff out and you see a Stagg acoustic next to a Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Larivee(sp?), or Guild or something else on that level, which one are you going to gravitate towards? you might pick up the Stagg for a minute out of curiousity, but you know what you want. so anyway...Yes the first thing I will pick up in a store is a Taylor of some sort. As far as Gibsons go the only ones that impress me are the several different models of Hummingbirds. Those are some of the nicest guitars I've ever played. I dont touch many Martins anymore. I used to when I was still looking for a high end acoustic last year because I wanted to get a feel for everything. Martin just didnt turn out to be for me. So Gibson and Taylor tend to be the ones that catch my eye immediately, but I do fiddle with everything in between as well.

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I look for a responsive, overtone-rich guitar. But that's just me. Some people like a fundamental-heavy tone.
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a good wood? im not an acoustic player but if i was i would look for a good wood?

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