I'm looking for a classic rock/ hard rock sound, and need a new guitar. My budget is pretty much around this range. Which is the best?

Ibanez AS73B Semi-Hollow Guitar


Ibanez ART100


Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline


Also tell me if there is a better guitar of this type for the same price.
go for one of the ibanezs, the AS73T is awesome, its like th AS73B but with a bigsby style trem
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Quote by matt s
i personally own this ibanez, like it very much.


The ibanez hollow body is pretty nice depending on what music types you play. also you should look at rondomusic.com. look to about page 9 or 10 and up and theres many really nice guitars in there around this price range.

I wouldnt suggest this guitar for the style of music that you play, but by all means you can still look at it. But i do agree that you should go on rondomusic.com, those guitars kickass.
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i would go for the Squier, but that's because i hate ibanez guitars.
i've heard really good things about the squier, i own one and i'm really happy with it.
Ibanez all the way. I know some people love their Squiers but I have yet to find any that are as good as an Ibanez no matter what the cost.

I would go for the ART 100 over the three you posted but there might be better Ibanez choices. I saw someone post an Agile they are amazing for the money I would choose one of those over an Ibanez.