Basically, i recently put 10s in my Squier (had 9s before), and the difference in playability wasn't much apart from bends getting a tiny bit more difficult. Then, I did the same thing to my Fender Yngwie Strat.

But the difference was bigger this time. It got considerably more difficult to bend. I still love it, and I'm keeping it, but I want to know why does this happen? Do different guitars react differently to different gauges?
I'm guessing that since Squiers are usually less 'playable' and not as tweaked out, the difference is much more minor. I have my action on one of my guitars set a little high for instance, and putting 11s on it didn't hurt much, since it was already a little stiff. My lower-action guitar (both Les Pauls, different versions but same approximate price and setup) suffers much more from 11s.