I was looking for a guitar and one that caught my eye was an ESP LTD Ex401 James Hetfield Signature, With the Black meatal looking plate on the guitar.

Is it a good guitar?

If you dont know what im on about type in James Hetfield signature into Google images and its the black guitar in the case that comes up 1st or 2nd
Deft a step ip from your epi, but signature guitars are wayyy over priced for what you get. What I do is I go to guitar center for like 3 hours and play everything there. Don't they have an ESP ltd 401 that's not sig?
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yeah they do but i really like the metal plate on this guitar and the signature one is only £20 more expensive than the normal one.

I was thinking about getting the Ex401 in white but im not sure between the two
What's the model name? The one that I saw was the JH-2 which is alot more pricier then a normal 401.
Im not sure. Im pretty sure it was just a 401 but with a metal plate on it
Its not a sig. I have the same one but mines diamond plate, i got it cause its the one James uses. Great guitar i really like it looks bad ass plays great get it
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