Sorry if this is in the wrong place, this is my first post in the Tabs forums...

Anyways, so I was reading this tab:


and on the second line of tab, there's like

..x3... on top of the bar of tab. What does that mean? Is it palm mute? Is it I have to repeat that part 3 times? what is it?

and also....

What does the asterisks over the powerchords in the interlude mean?

Thanks for the help!
If you would actually listen to the song, everything will fall in its place.

My first guess (without having heard the song) is that X3 means: play it 3 times, and that the asterisks mean to palmmute it, although these symbols aren't conventional.
play the first part (with x3 over it) 3 times then play the part after it.

like above stated, listen to the song and it should be pretty clear.

As well, the "*" probably mean palm mute or this could be representing a muted string, but again, this is unconventional notation so its hard to say without knowing the song.