hey needing some advice on these guitars which is good etc before i have a look at them dont want to be wasting my time lol thinking about a dean hardtail a prs se custom 24 or if there are any other suggestions out there already have a deam fbd ml for metal etc and also use a epi trans amber for hard rock but thinking about getting rid of it for one of these
What kinds of music do you play, what's your budget, do you have any preferences to materials (ie wood's, bridge type, etc...) and what is your current gear?
So Do You Want A New Guitar To Play Metal? If So I Highly Recommend The B.c Rich Jr V Nj Deluxe, It's A Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dean ml fbd
epi les paul trans amber ( 59' in neck screamin demon in bridge )
marshall vs 100 (but looking for a stack as well)

blues, gary moore ,clapton, cream etc etc
rock GnR U2 MUSE etc
metal metallic pantara megadeth etc

budget not over 900 pounds