Ok, so my girlfriend suffers from anorexia, shes under 70 pounds, she doesnt listen to me when I tell her that she's killing herself pretty much. Any help? Please only serious answers.
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call a hospital. or something, its not something you can fix by yourself.
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Tell an adult, her parents your parents. Its the only way to get help for her.

Sorry to hear that by the way.
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Tell her parents/your parents. Tell someone who can help.
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Agreed with all comments above. Unless if someone actually is a psychiatrist, no one in the pit can help much other than comforting advice.

Anyway, you should do that and best of luck.
Tell her that you two are over until it stops.

I'm not being a dick, this has actually worked for me. If it doesn't, however, you need to tell her parents/find her a psychiatrist.