At the moment I have a Jackson Warrior that I bought 2 years ago because I thought it "looked cool" (yes, I know). My reward for this stupidity is that I really don't like the damn thing at all and there's no way I'm ever going to make friends with a Floyd Rose. So, naturally, I want a new guitar. The question is, which one?

I play a bit of pretty much everything except any kind of metal.

And my budget, being a student and all, isn't going to be very high. In fact, it'll probably be whatever I can sell/trade in the Jackson for (it's in mint condition). If that wont be very much at all, I could throw in a Westfied bass I've had for 4 years and played a handful of times.
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if you don't play metal and hate floyd roses, get something really cheap like a strat
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Schecter c-1 Classic. Great Guitar

this. so versatile...
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MIM Strat.
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Thanks for the speedy replies.
I was looking at schecters before I posted. I think they're the brand I would go for. But I'm having difficulty finding the C-1 Classic on any uk guitar shop's website. Does anyone know where I could find one?
Stop Taking Life So Seriously...You're Not Gonna Get Out Of It Alive