So I'm kind of intermediate guitarist and I've played for 2½ years. Even tough I usually prefer more unknown songs I've gathered 6 different "cliche" solos (Popular solos you can find hundreds of guitarists playing on youtube) which I find worth trying. I'm not sure if I'm gonna learn all of these so I made this thread to ask your opinions that what solos you think are esiest to start with.

So I'll give you a list of 6 songs and I'd want you to rearrange those from easiest to hardest. Remember that EVERY solo in those songs are counted and the focus is on solos only.

Beat it
Crazy train
Fade to black
Highway star
Rock you like a hurricane
Sweet child o' mine

Im sure that everyone knows the artists.
I'd probably put highway star as easiest, but I'm not sure the order after that.
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easy to hard:

Highway Star
Sweet Child o' Mine
Crazy Train
Fade To black
Beat it
Rock You Like A Hurricane

Thats What I Think
Highway Star easiest
Rock you like a Hurricane
Beat it
Fade to Black
Crazy Train
Sweet Child O Mine ( mainly because of the amount of the effects used and the length
well Crazy Train and Hurricane (and maybe Beat It?) require a FR and tapping and are pretty fast. I'd say Highway Star is easiest as well and then either Fade or Sweet Child, because they're mainly just pentatonic and not too fast.
U want easy???? U want easy???!!!! Smells like teen spirit......
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I've learned all of these solos before and sweet child of mine has the most complex phrasing, which I think makes it the hardest to play as its not just straight speed like Fade to Black.
Easiest to hardest
-Highway Star
-Crazy Train
-Fade To Black
-Beat It
-Rock You Like a Hurricane
-Sweet Child O' Mine
Id say :
Highway Star
Rock you like a hurricane
Crazy Train
Fade to black
Beat it
Sweet Child o mine

I agree with Elden G20 ,sweet child of mine has complex phrasing and note groupings. Also the solo in Beat it ,is incredibly hard ,its full of harmonics ,tapping and whammy bar dives.