Restrung my Rg1570 using a new brand (Fenders, rather than D'Addario) keeping the string gauge, but these caused the Edge Pro bridge to no longer be parallel, which I thought was odd. Anyway, adjusted the screws in the back to bring it back parallel, which it is now, but my GB and e strings are now a little too high - noticed this when I found it harder to play.

How can I adjust it so that they're at the right height? Should I use the screws in the back?
follow the instructions in the ibanez prestige manual. there two black studs 3mm allen key fits in it just lower the high side 1/4 turn, but it`s more likely the bullets not sitting properly in the bridge pocket (those red things under the block) and perhaps you need to cut them off if your going to use bullet ended strings instead of ball ended.

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Yeah, had to cut 'em off to even get them in. Cheers, for the tips though, Only had to get these Fender one 'cus D'addario have suddenly got £2 more expensive!
where in the uk are you if your anywhere near manchester there`s 3 shops that are still doing them @ £5.99
I flick between Norwich, Lincolnshire and Notts and they're all at approx. £7.50 0_o

Think I've completely ballsed up my guitar setup tbh. Hope the neck's not going to warp having had to tighten the screws in the back. Honestly didn't expect all this from a change of brand.
PMT was 7.50 last time I was there, haven't been back since though.

What is the likelihood of needing truss adjustment? Is my neck going to be ok having tightened the springs?