I'm a real beginner to guitars, and it's taken me awhile to realize that the used rg120 ibanez i ordered is missing its tremolo arm.
Can i just buy a tremolo arm? or are they guitar-specific? and if you can, how much would it cost me?

Thanks for all your hlep!
Why do you need one?

Y`know theres a guy on youtube showing you to whammy without one.

(sorry, couldn`t help it.)

I would discourage using the Trem bar on your low end Ibanez - It will go faster out of Tune than a Pit Monkey making a pointless thread bout legos.
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You'd be best off taking your guitar to a dealership and having them find you the right one. Not all arms fit in all guitars.
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where did you get it? if you bought it at a store they should give you one, and online they should send you one. just call them up and tell them it was missing some parts it was advertised to come with. and i think that trem arm in the 2nd post will fit, thats what my edge uses
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I wouldn't bother using the tremolo on that guitar, you will go straight out of tune.