First of all, Hello everyone.

Soon I will be buying a new guitar (probably Gibson Les Paul studio) and I want to make a nice sound effect for mainly metal / rock. Currently I got Marshall jackhammer jh-1 and Roland Micro Cube amp.

I was planning to buy Ibanez TS9 and probably Boss DD-3 Delay. Will it be a good setup for playing like Metallica songs?

Please help me, I am kinda newbie. If you got any suggestions or idea for any other combination, please write it.

What guitar do you have currently?

It's generally a better idea to upgrade your amp first to get a better tone

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Wow hang on what's your budget? First thing's first spend more on your amp than your guitar. Try to get a nice used valve combo. TS9's are good, I'd take a DD7 instead of the 3, but boss delays are generally good. Check out Electro Harmonix, Maxon and TC electronics for delays as well. Check out some of the stickies, they should give you a good idea of what kinda gear you'd want
I am not sure. What do you suggest?

I can spend up to ~2250 $ for guitar,amp and effects.

What good amp will fit for Gibson?

Currently I have some kind of a starting guitar "Starsound" or something like that. So it's really for beginning.
if you want to play metallica i recomend an esp standard eclipse http://www.guitarcenter.com/ESP-Standard-Series-Eclipse-II-516653-i1149019.gc a peavey 6505 http://www.guitarcenter.com/Peavey-6505-112-60W-1x12--Tube-Combo-Guitar-Amp-582106-i1445921.gc and a boss dd-3 http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss-DD-3-Digital-Delay-Pedal-100126199-i1124474.gc and it totals at about $2230, the esp will play metal better and the jackhammer will give you a good metal sound
are you in the states? check your local craigslist for amps. you can find triple recs and jcm800's with a cab for under a grand on a semi-regular basis.

upgrading your guitar really is a must with the one you're currently sitting on, and while i love the solid sound of a gibson les paul, you could probably get by with spending much less. the esp is a good suggestion... you can also find mid-upper tier schecters at a bargain, and as always, check pawnshops/craigslist. you can find amazing deals on **** that douchebags buy saying that they'll learn to play and never do.

in the interrest of not spending your money for you, i'd say the jackhammer is fine for now. you might very well be interrested in an upgrade down the road, but you have more pressing concerns.

going back to amps, a 6505+ would be fine for metal and some specific Metallica tones, but it's not really your best option for such if you're open to buying used (and since you call yourself a newbie, i suggest bringing someone with you who truely understands the ins and outs of amps to make sure you're not picking up a lemon). Just to hammer this point home once more, CHECK YOUR LOCAL CRAIGSLIST ADS. there's a jcm2000 and a dual rec half stack on mine right now, each under $800.

...not saying you WANT a jcm2000 for your sound, just saying that deals are out there. The best thing you can do for yourself at this point is to make sure you don't blow your money on a ****ty amp like a mg stack, etc.