For the past few years i've been using a really bad little practice amp. It's about 15 Watts, which is more than enough (I never usually go past 2 on the volume dial), but the sound is muddy, and cheap. I'm looking for a new amp, though i'm not in the market for anything expensive. I won't be gigging with this, just practicing, and i'm in the range of about $100-$300 (though i'd prefer something around $200).

I play mainly alternative rock. No metal. Mainly stuff like early Weezer, QOTSA, Smashing Pumpkins. Stuff that leans to the harder edge, though not completely. I'd like something with a nice warm tone, and good distortion.

Any help is appreciated.
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peavey vyper is a good amp for sure i have one
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Any Roland cube. You'd get the 30x for that but the 20x would probably be enough for you.
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If it really is just for practice, maybe even a Bugera V5 and a Big Muff? With QOTSA and Smashing Pumpkins, it really sounds like you'd be wanting a fuzz.
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Thanks for the help everyone. Didn't even know that about the Peavey, seems good. Right now my narrowed down list is:

Vox Valvetronix VT15
Peavey Vypyr 15
Roland Cube 20x

Which, out of these, would you guys say is the better amp?
Fender Vibro or Super Champ XD. the Vibro Champ ($199) is 5 watts and the Super Champ ($299) is 15. they both have DSP effects have 16 different voicings. the Super has two channels which are footswitchable along with the effects.
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+1 for either XD, but the Vypyr 15 is pretty good for $100. I have both the Super Champ XD and the Vypyr 15. The SCXD is worth the money.