This song is a bit of a mess, but it came together pertty well I think, but I used a looped drum loop, and since I recently got my wammy bar up and working, I abused it in this song. Its in drop A# with a new battire in my pedal, so it shouldent be muddy. I know I went a bit crazy with the tremlo, but what do yall think?
Thank justinjag77 for helping me with Reaper.


C4C if you request it
Lol, thanks man, mabey I should go into writeing music for video games or something, every time I write something to a prerecorded drum track it ends up sounding like it should be in a video game. lol oh well.

And yes, it was very improvised. I just kept looping a 43 second section of double bass track, so its hard to change it up.
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damn bro like i said in the comment it has a very pantera feel.. and i agree that you captured "Pain" in the song it makes me wanna punch babies lmfa jk... Crit mine http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/sikmind keep it up bro

Dude, I loved your new song, like I said in your comment, I wrote a crushing riff for the chours that I think will add some impact to the song. I dont know what tuning you used but I wrote in in drop A#. I can Pm you the tab for it if you want. I think I like your song more than I like my own. lol.
Wow nice. Thanks for the crit. I agree with the dude who said it sounded like Pantera, especially their later stuff. Damn, Lots of WHAMMY!!! but I liked it that way. Really nice. Listening to some of the other stuff now. Its gonna take me a while to get through it though.
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really brutal sounding, the lead guitar is all over the place, which i like. The heaviness of the song never ceases throughout. I really like it overall, keep making more.