Hi everyone! It's me again, but...now I've something to show you not in the "Iced Earth-ish" stuff (as I always do) - but in death-metal I do like canadian band Kataklysm..and..I wrote song in their way. Check it out!

C4C as always!

Sincerely yours - Tom Araya.
01-The End Of Days.gp4
great song you have there!

I'm a big fan of Kataklysm, so it was a pleasure to listen to it. I wanted to type out some comments, and because music is better than words I put some of the changes I'd do into the piece, well and what do you know, I ended up remixing the whole song a bit.

Hope it gives you some inspiration. If you don't like it, scrap it, no harm done. The changes I made mainly concern my personal sense of 'flow', which is of course debatable; and some stuff that makes better use of the harmonic depth via two guitars. The little solo is just for fun to give a little breathing room; and unfortunately I didn't work in your nice outro, but I thought another chorus would wrap things up more concisely than a fade-out.

Anyway, I had fun doing this. Thanks again, and I look forward to listening to more stuff
UG Tom Araya - The End of Days - Remix.zip