is there a program around that you can import an audio file into it and it will analyze the file and either tab out the music and/or put it in to standard notation?

i am half deaf and i have a lot of songs to learn in a short period of time and i was hoping that there would be a program that could help me out with some of the music.
I've seen a lot for midi files, but never for .wavs or .mp3s. I'm guessing it's not even possible to make a program that does that without having the parts as separate tracks. Unless you're only got two instruments, panned hard left and right, the program probably couldn't differentiate between them.

If you find one though, please let me know. I could really use it too, for tabbing things I've recorded in weird tunings and forgot how to play.
Yes and no. There are programs that can do it if it's just a single line melody, but if it was more than one line it probably wouldn't work very well, and if it was a full band track then I doubt it'd do anything at all.
that programm is called ears&brain-train. pretty easy to use once u figured it out