I wasn't sure where to post this, but this seemed like the right place, as you all seem to know what you're doing.

I've got a bass sitting upstairs in rather terrible condition, in regards to the electronics anyway. It's a Stagg that I paid about £90 for two years back, I think the model is BC-300 Fusion. It's got a pair of Precision pups, with a Jazz at the back. Pretty standard beginners bass.

I've been leaving it to rot, basically, because once it broke, I bought a Thunderbird. I bought an Explorer half a year later. Anyway, I'm in a metal band, and I think the sound I could potentially get from this (now I know what I'm doing :P) could be, well, good. That's enough back story. I'll get on to the problem.

The jack slot is completely, for lack of a better word, ****ed. By that, I mean it's not there. It's gone. Dunno where, but it just disappeared. I could probably find it if I looked for it, but I dunno.

Secondly, some of the internals need resoldered. Along with the jack, presumably, seeing as they don't normally just drop off.

Anyone here know how much that would cost at your average music shop? Preferably in GBP. It'd be a great help if someone knows.