Hi guys, so recently I've been GASing for a new guitar (Thats gonna be my own, not the MIM I recently got to share with my dad, and I am selling my ibanez to a dear friend of mine because I have gotten extremly bored with it) and have been looking at Japanese sites like Rakuten Ichiban for something like a les paul but not an epiphone made LP
The problem I have with epiphones is that I'm only willing to spend up to 380$ (because we have plus-tax in my state, damn you David Patterson) and alot of the nice models are like 400$ and up, and I've heard people say some japanese made ones are as good as epiphones, if not better (I think most people have been talking about the Burny/Tokai LPs, can someone tell me if this is true?) also alot of people don't go outside the box and buy something other than an epiphone (I know, ESP eclipse, but I don't particularly want a metal-machine cause I'm bored of seeing NGDs with shred guitars)

Help? Please?
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burny and tokai are both good makes, and peeps on the other side of pond rate agile.

you might also consider vintage if they`re available where you are.
mij tokai ftw
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MIJs are generally great, but i can't see you finding one for less than the price of a chinese epi, unless you're ridiculously lucky. Or unless you go second-hand (and even then). Bear in mind that the cheaper tokais etc. aren't made in japan.
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