okay so i was looking at buying a half stack but realized that i simply have no use since i dont gig. but i do jam with friends every once in and while so wattage cant be to low. (60w min).
i was looking in to buy a combo amp prefferably tube mainly for a better sound but all tube is not needed i will settle for hybrid or solid state.
i play metalcore and hardcore music. my budget is 400 id say.
Edit: i was broswing craigslist and found this.
what do you guys think? i know i said no to half stacks but this thing has celestion speakers and is regularly about 700.
i really have no idea so recommend me some stuff.
thanks in advance.
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blackstar ht-5 it may only be 5 watts but that is plenty to be heard over a drummer unless they like getting through skins very fast. you will not need 60w if you are looking for a tube the most you realy need is 20w
What makes you think you need 60 watts minimum? My 50 watt musicman is loud enough to play with a band on 4... even 3 really. And if you're playing metal and hardcore you probably don't want a ton of clean headroom.

If you want 60 watts that's fine but I don't see why you set that as a minimum.
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