First of all, I'm sorry about the stupid question. I'm not new to guitar, but I've never changed my own strings.

And yes, I checked the String Changing thread, but it didn't help me with my question.

I have a Fender Squier Strat. I know that you're suppoed to take the string, put it through the back of the guitar, and it should come out of one of the six holes in the bridge. When I put it through the back of the guitar, the string comes out of the SIDE of the bridge, which means it's not in one of the holes. Why is it coming out of the side and not the holes in the bridge like the other strings are? It's hard to explain but I'm hoping somebody can help me here.

Thanks for any help!
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You're just putting it in wonky. Try and carefully thread it through, it'll be fine.
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the setup string change thread is a Q and A.

if you had a question, you could have asked in there.

anyway, like said, poke it in the rear, and move the saddle a little with your hand to help the string find the hole on the other side.

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