Search bar didn't come up with any recent thread regarding them so here I go.

New album, yay or nay ?

For me it was good, nothing outstanding, but I'm sure it will grow on me as I haven't listened to it a huge lot.

Oh and "World so Cold" is the best song in the album imo.
I think it sounds really good. It seems like they are focusing on the music a little bit more. They have some nice guitar solos like in Bitter Taste and Break. Overall a great album.

World So Cold is great; probably one of my favorites too. I also like The Good Life.

Can't wait to get my hands on it. That and the new AIC album which is no disappointment.
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Ok now that the album is seriously starting to grow on me I can say this is a great album indeed, maybe even their best. Unlike the other albums, I actually like every track. Personally I don't like Break as much, probably my least favourite track of the album, which is odd because I loved all the other singles from the other albums like I Hate Everything About You and Animal Have I Become.

oh and yeah looking forward the new Alice in Chains album, I can't wait to see what they were able to do without Staley.
I have some stuff from the new Three Days Grace album, they're pretty darned good, so I vote yay.
There is nothing the jumps right out at you from this album the way Animal I Have Become and Never Too Late did back in the days of One-X, but as a whole, I'd have to say it is better than One-X. Listen to One-X, and then listen to Life Starts Now (the albums, not the songs), and you know what is noticable? There is alot more emotion in Adam's voice in Life Starts Now. Sure One-X was great, but most of the songs were kind of bland (plz don't jump down my throat at this, because I know all the singles from One-X were great emotionally). Life Starts Now combines the dark themes of depression, hardships, and inner struggles with a passion that Three Days Grace has never had before.

So to answer your question...YAAAAAY!
I love "Break"........it makes me wanna punch someone in the wrist!
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