Well this is my first song that i put together. Its Pop Punk with a little harder edge i think.

Key of A-A,C#,D,B- Good.gp5

please reply and stuffs
Key of A-A,C#,D,B- Good.gp5
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I really liked your guitar work; it was interesting, and didn't get repetitive. Seeing as I am a bassist, I thought I'd help you out with the rhythm section. Here's my idea, see if you can work off of it.

Also, if you could do C4C, the one my sig links to could really use some advice. Thanks.
adding rhythm.gp5
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Thanls Herby for the bass and drums, it makes it sounds 10 times better. Ill c4c both you and vile. So why does the verse sound like the chorus? just wondering

I think it's because the firsst 4 bars of the verses and chorus have the same notes... As and Bs.

The Verse then goes to a B and ends with an A.

The Chorus pretty much goes a C# and ends with a B.


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