Doctor Doctor is by far one of their best songs in my opinion. ANyone else have any others they think are amazing? And also what other songs/albums should i go buy. I want to buy one but I don't know which one to get.

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I forgot about them, yeah that was a cool song.

Bishop McDevitt High School too
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yeah its a band. Michael Schenker I believe is how you spell it is the headman of the band and it an amazing guitarist in my opinion
way better version of The Scorpians. Rock Bottom and Love to Love are awesome, among others.
^I love UFO and scorps equally. Klaus' voice is so much better than Mogg's IMO, but I prefer the rocky sound of UFO better. Shcneker's a great player, but I prefer Uli's waaay more. There's something about him that MAKES ME JIZZ. SLIDE SLIDE PICK POCKET MAH MA.
yeah..i'm not huge on the scorpians. no one like you and the zoo are pretty bad ass...but over all they seem kind of shallow to me
Too hot to handle from the "Lights Out" album is an absolute classic IMO-Schenker had a definitive melodic, & rythmical approach that is quite unique.
The solo on "only you can rock me" from the "obsession" album is a perfect example
By far my fave guitarist from pre whammy bar days!, although i must give a special mention to Pat Travers -pentatonic to death, but immensely enjoyable to play>