I'm a beginner on electric guitar for a month now. I like playing rock and i don't know about all the details of genre's. Basically i have a question on getting the right amp plus distortion. I have a Fender SE special guitar which is kind of decent so far. I want to know what amp plus distortion pedal as beginner would be helpful to practice some of the power chords with distortion.
ok, i have this guitar. That ampp has the worst overdrive i've heard in my life ever, So get a Peavey Solo, I have a reveiw of it.

Of course, only get it if you are sure you want to continue with guitar. I say this becuase you've only been at it for a month

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id say if you have only been playing for a month dont get a distortion pedal and focus on theory
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id say if you have only been playing for a month dont get a distortion pedal and focus on theory

You can get a distortion pedal and still work on theory.

Get a Boss DS1 you can easily get one for 30 dollars, and if you end up deciding you don't want to play guitar then barely any harm done and the pedal itself isn't that bad for beginners. It's what I used up until a few months ago.
if you get a good amp you won't need pedals for a while. a roland cube or microcube will keep you satisfied. go and try one to see what you think.
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Thanks guys for your replies..that really helps.I'll wait for little more and get an amp suggested by you guys(peavey/roland).
tryhonesty, you are rite, the amp with the pack is not good. Currently using a vox ac30 headphone amp, this is way much better and i enjoy my practice with this tiny headphone amp.
The roland microcube is the CORE of my homeplaying seriously is so good.
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