I'm trying to figure out a good song to learn on guitar. It should be metal, but not screamo/death metal. As per what I can play, I know the fast riffs off of Blackened and Dyer's Eve, along with Eruption by Van Halen. I know lots more than that, but that should give you an idea of where I'm at. Thanks in advance.
Anything by Necrophagist or The Faceless
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Darkest Hour - Tranquil.
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I just listened to them. lol Definitely Death Metal. Good riffing though...
EDIT: Not Tranquil. I'm talking about Necrophagist.
umm, probably some metallica like for whom the bell tolls or seek and destroy, also try damage plan or pantera, iron maiden like powerslave or trooper (not as hard as it sounds). there is also testament and black sabbath. not so metal but fun are nirvana, misfits and and ac/dc.they are pretty easy which really is for the band to get really tight and are very fun b/c you dont have to focus on the music as much