How would one go about taking them off of my Epi Les Paul Standard? Would this affect the tone at all?
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just opened a can of worms my friend...

same as straight vs angled cabs...

here it comes.
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Taking pup covers off is a bitch. Just get new pickups.
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You just desolder the two joints holding the cover on and pull it off, you might need to use some force because the wax that was used to pot the pickups can make it a little bit harder to pull off but that's all there is to it.

No they don't really affect tone much at all... typically, it depends on the cover, nickel silver covers do not affect the pickup's magnetic field, however, if the cover is plated with nickel or chrome it will have a slight affect and will very, ever so slightly soften the high end, but personally I have never heard this first hand, I cannot tell a difference between a pickup covered and uncovered. The only reason to take them off is for cosmetic purposes.

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Taking pup covers off is a bitch. Just get new pickups.
Are you serious? You think it's worth paying the money for a new pickup for a job that takes... 10 minutes?
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It was a bitch when i took the bridge cover off of my firebird, my soldering iron wouldnt get hot enough so i ended up just filing the solder until it was weak enough for me to pop off with my fingers.

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As mentioned it will affect the shape of the magnetic field depending on the material. Although opposite to what was stated I took the bridge pickup cover off of an old Les Paul and it was much brighter and more defined afterwards. Magnetic covers widen and lower the available field the string vibrates in, with non-magnetic or no covers the field is gonna be taller and narrower. In terms of gauss (magnetic strength), thousandths of an inch makes a lot of difference.
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Don't. Just get new pickups.

The Epi pickups look like ass when the cover is removed.
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Don't. Just get new pickups.

The Epi pickups look like ass when the cover is removed.
how exactly do they look any different from any other uncovered pickup?