Hey, I have a problem cleaning all the little tiny spots around my bridge, around the screws and whatnot, so if anyone has any tips for cleaning that area it would be much appreciated. if anyone doesn't understand the 'dirty areas' I'm talking about I can upload a picture, but the dust is getting so nasty and my guitar is unattractive :O

I've tried compressed air and it don't work for some reason...

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Go to your local kmart/walmart/drug store, browse the health & beauty isles...you can usually find all kinds of brushes, applicators, etc of all shapes and sizes. Round eyelash brushes are great for getting into all the little spots.
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I've found a toothbrush to work pretty well for getting all the dust and stuff out of the bridge. I used a brand-new toothbrush, as I've got about 10, but an older one would work too (just make sure it's clean).
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