I searched the forums and didnt find anything so share what inside jokes you have and how you got them.
Me and my mates have an inside joke called giraffe fights. We hit each other with our heads really hard, till one of us give up. Got it from that youtube video of giraffes fighting
thats not an inside joke its just stupid

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They are usually inside jokes because no one outside finds them funny.

Now let this thread die.
the whole point of an inside joke is you can't explain them to randoms, you "had to be there"
Youtube covers

Thread sux.
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So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

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This goes against every concept of the "inside joke."

The point is that other people shouldn't understand it/know what is going on. You can't just tell them to people like this. It's lame.