2 "Duncan Designed" humbuckers. Both have covers and LOTS of lead left. They came out of a Schecter Semi-hollow.

HB201N (Neck)
HB102B (Bridge)

I know alot of us (including myself) are into the 'budget' guitars these days, and these would be a great upgrade!

You can even set these up for coil tapping!

$30 shipped for both! PM me!

From the SD Website:

Built to our specifications. Built for tone.

The Duncan Designed line of pickups was started in 1995 at the request of several of our larger original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") customers who wanted to offer a pickup tied-in to the Duncan identity on their mid-level instruments. While USA-made Seymour Duncan and Basslines pickups are intended to fit on instruments with list prices over US$800, the Korean-built Duncan Designed pickups are intended for OEM use on guitars and basses with retail prices between US$300 and $800. The Duncan Designed club members include Jackson, ESP Ltd, Schecter Diamond Series, Hamer, Aria Pro II and Samick's Greg Bennett series.

There are currently several humbuckers available in the Duncan Designed range, each of which is neck or bridge position-calibrated and was modeled after a USA-built model.
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