i need to clean the fretboard on my guitar so i need to take off all the strings. i usually change strings one at a time so i dont have to worry about it. so how can i deal with the edge tremolo dropping into the body once all the strings are off? wedging something between the trem and the woods not gonna break the wood or anything from the pressure? what could i use to do it? thanks.
If the wood breaks my friend you would have a ****ty guitar, So ask yourself is your guitar ****? And second if your that worried about it breaking wood put something kinda soft in there
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You don't have to take all 6 strings off a guitar to clean the neck.

Take off 1st 3 and clean fretboard, then replace those 3 strings.

Then, take off other 3, clean, and re-string.

You guys really make things harder than they really are sometimes.
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you dont want to take off 3 and 3. you'll get way too much lop sided movement from the bridge if you do.

brace the bridge first.

how to do that is shown in the floyd thread, top of the page, first post.

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9v battery with a layer of corrugated card wrapped round it, and stick it under the trem, or 2 coca cola (or other fizzy drink) bottle caps wrapped in corrugated card sided by side under the bridge.

you can still clean it by removing 1 string at a time but it`s far more tedious.
i usually use a spoon and i place two diagonally where the corner meets and the bridge sinks down to support it, it doesnt do any damage to mine and its worked pretty well but yea if you want just use something softer than that if you're more worried it may cause any damage
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Just take the trem off. Make sure the nut is locked down tight. Then open the trem cavity and take the springs off. Then the trem will lift right off. Carefully set it to the side without twisting the strings up and clean your board. When done reinstall the trem and springs. You should be almost in tune. Just tune up with the fine tuners and your done. 15 minute job at the most and 10 minutes of that is letting the oil soak on the board.
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And if you're really lazy get your friend to hold the bar dumped while you pull up the strings and clean.... It works...
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