Sorry, I know this goes in the PC thread, but I really need help.

If the moderators want to close it, please be nice and wait until I get a little help, and then let me move it. Please.

Ok, the problem goes as this.

The PC started and then something about the TuneUp Utilities 2009 started running, I waited until it finished. Then, when the profile where loading, it couldn't load succesfully and it loaded a temporary profile. After that I closed the session and restarted the profile, again, it couldn't be loaded and it loaded the temporary profile. Well, at that point, I thought that something happened to my profile, so I decided to start a new profile and migrate all the configurations and the folders to there. I made a new profile and loaded it; I tried to restart the previous profile, and it failed. At this point, I lost all the hopes af the previous profile, so I loaded the new one and decided to delete the previous one and migrate everything from there to the new one. While doing this, the explorer.exe got frozen and I restarted it from the Task Administrator (or whatever it is called in English), well, the folder that was supposedly had all my docs appeared in the desk, but it was empty, so I went to "System" looking for the docs, and the folder couldn't be opened, so the explorer.exe restarted again, and after that I tried to change the permissions to open it by the new profile, and a lot of text boxes appeared telling me that any of the files couldn't be located. I closed them. The folder could be opened after that, but it was completely EMPTY, I looked, and the hard disk free space hadn't changed, or it seemed so, and know I don't know how to access all my files.

Photos, Images, and Music are what concern me the most.

I'm runnning Windows Vista Ultimate(duh).

And I have ESET Smart Security, but when I turned it from version 3 to version 4, I couldn't update it succesfully.

tl;dr How can I get all my files back from the depths of my hard disk, i f I can't access them directly??

Please, help me, any help will be totally apreciated.