My grandparents attend an Ortho-Anglican church, and I've been asked to play guitar for them. The only problem is that I have no idea what chords/scales are used for their music; and they told me that they want it to be strictly traditional, so I can't just play some random chords during hymns and breaks between prayer. So, where can I find info. on how to play this type of music??
Truly tradition church music is mostly in the major scale. I would say learn the C major scale in the first 12 frets, then you can just mess with that.
old traditional church music was all modal, i was christened a greek orthodox (but im atheist) and im forced to attend chuch, to my ear they are still singing and chanting in modes, and the music you hear in flims when someone walks into a chuch thats modal chords/ melody lines too they often harmonise in 5ths too

edit: they also use diminished chords aswell

I know my church music ....
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thanks, i thought i recognized the Cmaj scale throughout the hymnal book; but normally when the singing is involved I could probably just mess around anyway, since everyone is so out of key with each other.
Play around with the relative minor and bring em to their knees!!!!!!
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