iv been wanting to upgrade my amp, i currently play on a Traynor YCV50. I generally play rock music but with a heavy blues influence with my lead work. I primarily play a Strat with the neck pick up on. The sound i sought after is something along the lines of Tom Morello (with Rage), Mike from Incubus (on the last album Light Grenades which seems to have alot of strat neck PU type sounds) and Brand New (on the last 2 albums tho i think they used jazzmasters in the studio, still i like the overall sound). I have my amp set to an overdriven setting then i mess with my volume knob to clean it up if i need to, i also step on my boss od/dist pedal (which id like to get a different one as well) for some gain boost to add balls for heavier stuff. I waz thinking maybe a used JCM800 will fit my needs or a Ceriatone made JTM45/100, but here comes my blues influence.. i REALLY love John Mayers tone with his strat so maybe the jcm n jtm might be a little too much? so i was then thinking maybe a twin reverb or super reverb or something and using multiple od pedals. I guess if i have to some it up i need a real good bluesy tone (not fuzzy or muddy..) and then a better od pedal to step on to get alot of balls..as far as an od pedal i was thinking the fulltone fulldrive 2.. someone help me out haha