Fun Facts About Jews :

* Jews did WTC.
* Jews did Reichskristallnacht too.
* 12 of the 19 richest people in America are Jews. (Seriously!)
* All 8 major Hollywood studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish(Seriously!)
* If you do not support Jews or Israel, or if you fail to actively hate Arabs, then you are a terrorist.
* Every single person ever to edit Wikipedia is a Jew (See The Wikipedia Jews).
* All Jews are inbread. (Oven joke? Typo? The world may never know...)
* Jews are the only group of people in all of human history to ever be persecuted. They are the only race in all eternity to have a genocide committed towards them. Ever.
* Supposedly, Jews own all the banks and the majority of the world's financial and political assets and use these to advance the interests of Israel, and at the same time are advocating a worldwide internationalist Communist conspiracy which would destroy the world's capitalist establishment.
* Currently furries compare themselves to the Jews because Nazis are oppressing them. Along with everyone else.
* Tripping a Jew is considered good luck in Australian and New Zealand cultures, as is telling them to "Go take a shower", which nearly always results in lulz.
* GOD DOES NOT HATE THE JEWS!!! Such a claim is outrageous. Surely if he hated them he would have sent someone down to try and wipe them all out or something. (See Hitler.)
* Although no one knows a Jews true appearance, we assume they look similar to, but maybe not exactly like furries.
* Jews are one of the very few mammals whose life cycle includes eggs. After the Jew egg has been laid by the female, it can only be fertilized by a doctor or a lawyer.
* Jews are easily recognizable by the intense smell of garlic and greed.
* Jews eat Aryan and Arab young, in spite of their not being Kosher.
* Yaweh does not protect Jews from bulldozers. Or anything really.
* Jews were the only people persecuted by the Nazis to get a free country out of it. As none of the other people persecuted during Hitler's European Tour got a free country they actually did quite well out of the Holocaust.
* Arabic, the language of Islam and The Koran, is the most commonly used Semitic language. Therefore, true antisemitism is closer to anti-Islam than anti-Judaism.
* The majority of the world's whiny, chubby, high maintenance girls are Jews.
* Jesus was hated by the Jews and the Romans even up to the point of Romans colluding with the untermensch to kill him by nailing his dirty Jew hide to two planks of timber and transforming him into a kebab.
* Jews have nukes. Nobody dares **** with them. Except Palestinians, armed as they are with stones, pointy sticks and their newly-developed bulldozer repellent.
* The Holocaust is completely irrelevant. Bring this up frequently whilst in the company of Jews. After all, it's hard to stay angry at someone who had just made you laugh.
* Jews and Israel are intertwined. You cannot hate one without hating the other.
* Jews are known for their Jew gold, the bags of gold they carry around their necks.
* Jews are hogging up the Holocaust.
o Jews are so greedy, they won't even share the benefits of the Holohoax with the Gypsies, retards and homosexuals.
* On average, an adult male Jew will consume over 6 times his own body weight in Palestinian blood each day.
* Jews are never wrong, never guilty and never responsible for anything.
* However, it is far more great tragedy when jews liquidate 1000 palestinians, than when arabs kill more than 200 000 Darfur's negroes.
* Jews drive Yom Kippur Clippers, cars that are known to stop on a dime and pick it up.
* Jews are the most trollable people on the earth, so they are excellent for beginner trolls or older and wiser trolls that just want some easy XP.
* Atheist Jews can be made fun of the exact same way as regular Jews. They just won't get it if you insult their Holy Book. They also can't be bought out as easily as a regular Jew. Mind you, it's still possible, but be prepared to bring an extra dollar with you.
* Over 95% of the gold in Fort Knox is Jew gold stolen by the Americunts from Nazi officials during the allied invasion of Europe.
* Jews absolutely lack imagination. All Israel's sport teams are either named Hapoel or Maccabi.
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another fun fact
6 million jews died in the holocaust!
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