Today, I looked at my main three guitars, my SG, Les Paul, and Satriani sig, and realized; they are all some shade of red! I began to notice, most of my other friends had similiar instrument color occurrences... Anyone else seem to have an unwitting primary color to all their gear?
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Well mine are completely unalike. For more information on as to why, just check the pics of them on my profile.
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Well right now I have Black and Amber so nope. But maybe one day I'll have a whole wall of Green and Purple guitars...one day...
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Ones black, ones white, ones tobbaco sunburst, ones wood color, ones sunburst....all different haha
i have a transparent black one, amber burst flamed maple and a another maple top guitar

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My electric guitar is "translucent black". And my acoustic is "tobacco brown sunburst". The finish of the guitar isn't that huge of a deal to me. Different guitars look good with different finishes on them. I do kind of wish that I got a black finish of the acoustic I have, but that's all in the past and when I'm actually playing the instrument, none of that matters.
my guitars, sadly, are both black...

not that there's anything wrong with black, i just wish i had a change
Mine aren't all the same (Les Paul is wine red Matte, Satriani was the silver surfer sig, and SG IS a dark, almost angus sig blood red)
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My guitar is black.

No, not that kind of black.
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well my bass is blue, the les paul is black, and the acoustic is a nice natural wood color. jazz bass is gonna be white with black hardware when i get that.
I've got a red one, a green one, a 2 tone sunburst Strat, and a blue one (Frozen Sky) so mine are about as different as they can get. Next will be a black one and then probably a natural finished one.
None really. One's sunburst, one's cherryburst, one's blue, one's red.

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mine are all red as well, always have been.
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Two of mine are red, one is black, and one is white.
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I have one sunburst guitar, and then one blue guitar

I mainly have a fetish for sunburst and alpine white guitars with black hardware or pickguards, but I wouldn't mind having a Flame Maple Top HSS strat if it came in something like purple
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2 blacks, 1 white, 1 gold. I do love white guitars though, and will probably end up owning mainly white ones.
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All my guitars are black as it is my favorite color.
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Hoping for multiple green ones one day, but atm I have one red, one black, and one orange.
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I got Black, Blue, and Red. I did go through a phase of blue guitars. Then I went to black for my most recent purchase.
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I got two black ones (one's a solid gloss black, the others a kind of trans-black) and a sunburst one (a Squier Strat that's covered in stickers anyway). My next one will most likely be a whale blue colour, but I'll see what takes my fancy nearer the time.
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1 red, 1 black.

I really want a blue, green, gold, orange, white, possibly yellow, possibly sunburst guitar someday though. More specifically Daphne Blue, British Racing Green, Shoreline Gold, Atomic Orange, Alpine White, TV Yellow, 2-Tone Sunburst
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I have a thing for white guitars with black pickguards, which is how my Tele is. However more of my guitars are yellow/brown; I've got a Les Paul in Iced Tea, a Thinline Tele in a lighter form of Tobacco Burst and another LP in Aged Tiger, which is an odd orange-brown with black dye.

Next guitar I'm going to make though will be either in White Pearl with black hardware or Black Cherry with white hardware. Not decided which yet, but I feel I've got to do one or the other, I've got too much brown here!
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I like white, red, and black as the primary colors. My Redburn is all 3, and my SG is just black.
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my guitar colours:

burns london scorpion: matte black
jackson rhodes: gloss black (and its a f***in b!tch to keep clean)
les paul: ivory white with black stripe around the edge
strat knockoff: wood grain
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My only guitar has a black cherry sunburst finish.

Flamed/quilted maple + dark red burst =
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Two black, one yellow one sunburst one wine red, and one cream.
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Epi LP: Black with cream/white binding.
Tele 72 Deluxe: Black with tobacco burst.
Richwood LP: Grey quilted maple.
Epi Sheraton: Blonde.

Plus my Tele standard before I sold it was wine red.

So no, I don't really follow that at all. That being said, I do tend to prefer darker colours/shades.
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typically cherry red, by sheer coinsidence.
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1 spalty, 2 black, 1 red, and my bass is a scabby brown colour - only the spalty was bought new, so the rest were whatever colour I could get what I wanted in good condition for the right price for.
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Antique Burst, Sunburst, Vintage White and Red.

Order of models in relation to above colours: [Ibby, Tele, Strat, LP Jr.]
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My guitars are either Gloss Black, White or both.
"Black gives way to more black."

I have UG Black Style and I can barely read my signature.

Also, I like black.