Poll: Do you lend your guitars to other people?
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8 3%
Depends on the person
130 54%
103 43%
Voters: 241.
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The other day, my friend showed up at the front of my house in the middle of the night, asking me to lend him my guitar for a gig. He claimed his own was f*cked up (a $800 Godin ). Knowing him, I knew he would probably sell it for weed if he somehow managed not to destroy it first beforehand.

That's pretty much my story for making this thread. Do you let anyone borrow your guitars? And I mean anyone as in good friends and family (unlike my stoner friend).

I wouldn't unless it was my music teacher, whom I know would take great care of my guitar.

Well, do you?
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no i hate when people play my guitars. Except my past music teachers. I only let people use my guitars if i know that they are much better than i am.

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never ever, unless it's someone i trust.. and then it'd be my ****tier one.
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Probably if it was my best friend. But none of my friends play any instruments.
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never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever.
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Yeah, noones borrowing my good stuff. I wouldnt ever let anyone borrow my BTB or my guitar, but I lend the soundgear out every now and then. Its a tank, and it still plays alright. Not ever really worried about it, thats why I bought it.

Somthing to just jam on and not have to worry about f*ckin up ya know.
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i have before
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My friend always comes over after work and grabs my guitar when his hands are all greasy from frying chicken.

pisses me the **** off.

Edit; Some local band asked if they could borrow my Mesa Boogie Roadster for a show, LOL.
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Depends on the situation. If I'm at a gig, something happens to their guitar, it gets stolen, they forgot it or something, then yeah, I always bring at least two guitars(a main one and a backup,) to gigs since you never know what can happen at a gig, so I'd be fine lending my spare. If they wanted to jam and didn't have theirs with them, again sure. If they wanted to take it to their place and things like that, nobody but my guitar teacher.

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my dad once worked security. he said Bob Dylan would always have the same response if someone was dumb enough to ask to try his guitar. Dumb Person- "Can i try your guitar?"
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i have one guitar out to my friend but, i would never let someone borrow my main guitar.
If I trust the person, I mean, if he (or she) is a really good friend of mine and is in an emergency, like a gig or something then yeah i would lend my guitar and even my amp. My only condition is that it is returned right after it is used, cause I don't like to have my guitar wandering around for too much time and played by too many people.
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Depends on the situation. If I'm at a gig, something happens to their guitar, it gets stolen, they forgot it or something, then yeah, I always bring at least two guitars(a main one and a backup,) to gigs since you never know what can happen at a gig, so I'd be fine lending my spare. If they wanted to jam and didn't have theirs with them, again sure. If they wanted to take it to their place and things like that, nobody but my guitar teacher.

this, and i also dont see a problem with leaving it at rehearsal space (my drummers house) because his dad is a retired cop and an amazing guitarist with guitars much better than my ibanez prestige, so i know its safe their.
you know, ive owned 8 different guitars over my lifetime, and right now i have 3. i wanna know what the hell happened...i mean the picks and cables are understandable, they disappear into thin air all the time, but guitars?

Just lent my friend my other Washburn for a while couple days ago.
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I let a good friend borrow a guitar once and it came back with a broken tuner so never again.
Had two people ask to play my guitars and then go on to insult them while holding my guitars, so no, not anymore.
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I lent one of my guitars to a guy I worked with a bit. He was going on tour and tested it in the shop. He wanted to buy it but didn't have the cash. So I told him to take it on tour with him. He brought it back without a scratch.

It was a squier 51, so I wasn't overly concerned. Nice enough guitar to care about, which I do.
ya if its my best friend who lived right up the road, but he moved so HELLL NAWWWW
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If it was a really close friend I trusted, and even then, it wouldnt be my baby, it'd be a backup guitar.
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I'm letting my friend borrow my squier because he's just learning. but if i'm the only one who's even allowed to play my classical or my SL2H
There are 3 people in the world I would lend a guitar to. And that is because I have known them for years and I know how they take care of their guitars, and I know they will treat mine as if it was their own.

I lent my strat to a 4th person once when the pos yamaha strat knock off they had failed mid gig. I got it back and it was out of tune and the pick guard was beat up. I learned my lesson.
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Never. Doesn't matter if they are better then me. **** happens and it's better to be angry at yourself then others when it does.
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yeah i wouldn't lend my guitar to anyone..
once upon a time i had a cousin who got an acoustic for a grad present and wanted me to teach him guitar so i was trying to teach him some basic cords like A,D,E, Em and he wanted to try strumming my strat, which i thought wasn't a bad idea cause he was constantly crying about his fingers hurting. Then after he mangled my strings with his horrible strumming technique i decided, not to let other people touch my guitars. at least for the most part. the only person i'd allow to is the other guitarist from my band.
If I had a guitar to lend so that I would still have an acoustic and electric at all times, then yes, I'd let guitar-playing friends borrow my guitars, but only if I knew they would treat them nicer than I do. My guitars can be well loved (AKA well-used) because I did the loving, not someone else.

On the other hand, I plan on keeping my Squier Strat and Takamine acoustic (cheapie $150 one) for my kids to learn on when I eventually have them (you know, somewhere far down the road from 17 years old)
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Absolutely never, not even my cheap ones. Nobody else ever touches any of my guitars, period.
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I have let friends/family play on my main guitar but I wouldn't let it out of my sight, lol. I wouldn't lend it to anyone . . . It's my policy to only lend things I wouldn't mind to much if they aren't returned.

I have an old Squire that is currently being borrowed by a coworker's daughter. She wanted to learn electric guitar but her mom didn't want to spend the money on a guitar if she wasn't going to stick with it. I offered the Squire to start on . . . we'll see. I never play that one so I'm glad it's being played .
I don't really let anyone play my Fender that much (I do sometimes though).

My Les Paul I'd let them play, but it doesn't leave the house much anymore.

And I let them play my acoustic if they want.
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Never. My guitar playing friends can play my guitar if I'm there, and if a bandmate screws his guitar up at a show and needs to use my backup guitar that's fine, but other than that... No I can't think of anyone I would lend one too. Well, perhaps my Squier.
I've let people use my guitar when it's at a gig a few times.
The only person I've actually given my guitar to, like to use for a gig, is my Italian friend Riki, he came to Cork for a Rory Gallagher tribute gig, and obviously coming from Italy couldn't bring his rig down (being a relatively low cost deal) so I let him use my guitar, and will do so in October (he's playing the cavern in Liverpool.).

But it'd have to be someone I trusted with it, I trust Riki because he's a lot like me towards guitars, very respecting, especially with other people's guitars.
But I wouldn't let someone who didn't care about the state of it borrow it.
if it was the other guitarist in my band, or my old music teacher or my uncle as i know all 3 would take great care of it.
a friend of mine loaned me a guitar when i was between some. i sold one and had another i wanted to buy but couldn't have for 30 days (at a local shop, they hold them until they know no police reports are coming in on it). i'm really thankful he did, and i would loan him a guitar too. but anybody else? no, probably not. unless i ended up with a squier strat or something, then depending on the person maybe.
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Never my main guitar. no matter who. I've let people i trust play it under my supervision, but every time after it's been played by someone else it feels odd to my touch. I do have a cheaper guitar i can loan out to a trusted few, though.
My babies? Out of my sight I'd only trust my teacher with them.

I do have an Encore (which really belongs to my stepson, but I've kind of adopted it) which I'd let anybody play, and which I leave out on the stand as a decoy when I'm away, to put anyone off going near my guitars.
id never lend my strat out, but i always let my friends play it
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