I'm a guitarist, I have been playing for only two and a half years although I have worked with many genres of music and consider myself to have good experience in that sense.

I'm looking to join a band that plays anything from alt. rock to metal.

I have composed six finished songs over the years I have been playing, I expect a band to be able to cope with quiet technical songs.

Knowing Dubai, knowing that it has a near non-existing music scene, I'm hardly expecting any responses.
hey dude, I'm from Dubai and I play guitar. I have just started a band, but we have no bassist or singer, which is a huge problem, and we have no originals.

It's me on lead guitar, my bro on rhythm, but i could ask him nicely to play bass for us (he doesn't know how to, but he could definitely do it if needed). Which area do you live?

Edit: songs we learnt/ are learning:

Velvet Revolver - Slither
Joe Satriani - Surfing with the alien
Iron Maiden - the trooper
rage against the machine - killing in the name of
Metallica - Enter Sandman (so cliche)
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I live close to Dubai International Airport, how about you?

If you live close... sure I guess we could meet up and jam around or something although I'm probably not the man you are looking for since you already have two guitarists.

Also, how old are you guys?
I am 16, and my bro is 15 and so is the drummer I'm almost sure. Can you sing? Even if it's just a bit? I'd happily try bass, then my bro could do rhythm. Are you more of a lead or rhythm guy? And the place we jam at is the drummer's house in Jumeirah. Is that too far?
Ok, first the singing; I can't really do it, maybe.. but that depends how you define ''a bit,'' about a week ago I started vocal training (always wanted to get around to it) but the thing is I just started so any progress I have made is minimal. It really depends how much time you guys are willing to wait before you want to preform. Oh and also a guy I know might be moving here in winter season, he can sing but he might come, he might not.. so idk..

I am more of a lead guitar player. How long have you been playing?

Jumeirah is pretty far but now with the metro open getting there is really not a problem, and anyways I'm applying for a drivers license this week.
I've been playing seriously for about 2 years. And I'd be willing to wait for as long as it takes for your singing to develop, because we've been trying to find a singer for ages. What's like the hardest stuff you can play on guitar?
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The hardest the hardest thing I can play?

I guess I can say I have done stuff like :

The Human Abstract, Crossing the Rubicon
Tony Mcalpine, Hundreds of Thousands

I also remember doing a cover of a Yangwie Malmsteen song ''arpeggios from hell'' I think oh, and I also did a couple of bucket head and Iron Maiden covers too. Those I would say are the most technical songs I know or used to know how to play.

Judging by your playing experience and your musical tastes I'm guessing we are somewhat similar in skill.

We should probably meet up I think.
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sorry i took so long to reply. I think we should meet, but I wouldn't say I'm near your technical skill, Yngwie is really hard for me. But, really, best way to know is trying, so PM me when you see this.