Is their any chance that for some reason my iphone is not working properly, the person said that one of the sensor lines is dead so I cant use the bottom row and the apple guy said their is water damage, I bought the phone about a month ago, and I know their was never any water damage, if I go to my service provider At&t, will they replace it, I am still under warranty but I know for a fact their is no water damage, but the water mark is red. is it my word against theirs?
If you honestly don't think it's water damage, go to the store, talk with a Genius rep, look 'em straight in the eye, say "I didn't do it. I swear", gaze into his/her eyes, then go in for the kiss.

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If the sensor says there has been water damage, it doesn't matter what you say. Like, how do they know you're not just some guy who found it on the side of the road and you're trying to get a new one? Just sayin.
at&t will not replace anything for you.
there are sensors inside the phone that are activated when the phone gets water in it. you cant really argue. they cant get you a replacement without paying for it.
I have no opinion on this matter.