Hello, I'm an exceptional guitarist but I need help. I've been playing guitar for almost 2 years now and I can play avenged sevenfold stuff so I can sweep a little bit and so forth. But i need help because I'm Trying to learn guitar theroy. Any advice on where to find guitar theroy, keys, scales and modes?
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Hello, I'm an exceptional guitarist...

Haha, you cocky bastard. Go to hell.
There's a lesson part of this site that has all kinds of different articles you can read on theory, scales, modes and more.
I'm sorry oy i didn't mean to come off as cocky. I'm sorry im not that type of person. Sorry for giving that inference.
Check out the guitar crusades articles here on UG and get back to us if you've got any ?s.
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I just learn the formula, apply it to a key, and use said notes on fretboard. Why? Cuz I'm not a pussy.
Theroy? Seriously?

But in all seriousness, the lessons on this site are decent and you should check out www.musictheory.net
In my opinion the best site for beginners to learn theory.
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