I'm sure the attention of letting the Trix rabbit have his cereal has been brought to everyone's attention as of lately, and fenderhippie's thread has countered argued this point, but is limiting a rabbit to eat this deadly cereal really doing the trick? Hell no. Anything that can kill a living creature should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Now, if there's enough sugar to kill anything walking, should it be allowed to be consumed by ANYONE? Too much of one thing can kill anything, surely, but if a rabbit had even HALF a bowl, WITH MILK, he would be goner. Is this the rabbit's fault, or could it be linked back to the sugar coated, deadly cereal that is known as Trix?

Sure, you can say, "chocolate can kill dogs, should we ban chocolate also?" Hell no. Chocolate is fucking awesome and will never be banned, because without my Coco Puffs, I'd be dead man. This is a weird conundrum, but just believe me: no banning chocolate.

The kids keeping the cereal from the rabbit are doing a good thing, yes, but keeping all that cereal for themselves must be a deadly path to take. If you take what belongs to a rabbit, you have too much Trix, thus, too much cereal, and therefore, too much death.

The reason for ANYONE wanting a deadly chemically induced breakfast food to be allowed to the general public is unknown at this time, but when we find out, we can open up the loony bin and throw those suckers in.

Join the real freedom fighters and save humanity and animality alike!

All credit goes to me, jesus faces.
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