it would be Bb. click the advanced button next to the band/song search bar on the homepage and search for Bb standard tuning.

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I think that's what it's called, ha. 7 string tuned down half a step. Ab?

The Thread name is right, but you got it wrong here. Bb = A#.

As for the bands, i think Korn used to play in A. That's a seven string down a whole step. Now THAT'S br00tal.
wait my bad, wrong tuning, i missed the seven string part, i think Meshuggah has a few songs in that tuning... never mind the In flames and Otep i mentioned earlier.
Nevermore, and Alice in Chains sounds damn good played on a seven string tuned down a half step.

but i have also pondered this question of which you have brought here, TS.
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