Buying one or the other. Which do you own and why? Is it better to have a cabinet with angled speakers or to have a cabinet that all speakers are equal? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanx.
I'd go with 1960B, when I had the choice, I went with the straight cab. A little less present, which with the stock speakers would've just been too much. I've always preferred the projection of a straight cabinet, more balanced, beefier sounding almost.

However, I also think that the stock 1960 cabinets suck, do not even think about paying $800 for one, possibly the worst value in the amp world, they work ok with some amps and really bad with others, for their price, they're just too picky and even then, it's not like there aren't better options out there anyway . Just my $0.02. Only reason I bought one myself was that it was $300 (and a year later, I'm actually scratching my head at that purchase, an average cab to begin with that sounds exceptionally bad with the amp that I'm putting through it)
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don't just go for marshalls because they are the norm, there are waaaay better options out there, just be open to second hand stuff and you wont have to worry about price issues, i've a/b'd many cabs next to a mates 1960a and all have blown i away, even 2x12s
switched to mono is it 16 ohms?
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I heard Orange makes really great cabs.
Maybe check them out.
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It doesn't make a huge diff, personally I'd let my wallet make the decision.

In my area, it's easier to get the A cabs, there's just more around, so you can haggle a little better.

It's nice to have a little angle up, both for room and monitoring purposes, but the difference really is not something to get too caught up over.

I actually prefer the B cab simply because there's more room on it for picks, slide, beer, ciggies, etc.

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switched to mono is it 16 ohms?

Yup, 4 or 16 mono, 2x8 stereo