Hi everybody
I´ve been using the ME70 for a few time and I cannot find the sounds I like. I play with a mex strato and a Crate V50. We use to play indie rock, pop-rock, and the sound I need most of the time are different distorsions. I know its a question of hours of practice with it, try and try until I find the sound. It would be very helpfull for me if there is a settings thread for the ME 70, and I´ve read a message that sais actualy there is one thread, but I can´t find it
There is an ultimate settings thread.
If you check the "List of good threads" Sticky you can use any of the plethera of settings it holds and use your ear for the reast.
I really do hope you find your tone, Infact PM me if you would please once you can try and get some clips onto your profile demoing the ME70

I'm afraid I have to report this thread for closure but don't take it as if I am working against you, it is mearly for orderly forum orginization

I recomend playing with your amps EQ untill you have your favorite clean tone, and then adjusting your EQ on the ME70 to get the tone you are after gain wise.

Good luck and best of tone from your ME70.

EDIT: I'm not reporting it actually.
Hopefully someone else might have this pedal and could help you
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thanks for help and sorry for wrong posting, I´ll look for the correct thread.