I play alot of Megadeth and my stuff sounds quite a bit like Megadeth, so what might be a good guitar for that? I currently have a JS30 warrior and there is a JS30 kelly at my local store which I will probably buy. If anyone has any better suggestions please post. I' m not looking for anything extreme at the moment that's why I might get the JS30 instead of an actual kelly.

Price range is about 500 but don't really want to spend all 500 if I don't have to. Thanks
Jackson or ESP all the way. I see you already have a jackson and a ESP, both within the price range you are looking at. Why bother getting a new guitar if your aren't realy upgrading anything?
Well it's mainly for tuning you know? I know people will probably call me lazy or whatever but I want 1 guitar in standard and 1 in D. My ESP has a floyd which I play 80's hair metal with mainly. It's a whole thing haha just looking for suggestions. Thanks
I'd still save up some more. Maybe for a Jackson KE3, instead of a JS30KE.
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Get another ESP.
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