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Im rather new to the electric guitar as I only started playing it a few months ago however a have been playing classical guitar for about 4 years. I'm looking to get a fat strat as I love the tones as Eric Johnson and Eric Clapton however I also like the classical rock stuff. So, I have about $500AU and am aware this probaly wont be enough. However I do have an SX Start copy from awhile ago. Would it be possible to convert that to a fat strat style guitar that sound reasonable good? If so what things would a need to do/buy.
First thing you need to do is take off the pick guard, and have a look at how it's routed underneath - a lot of strat's - especially copies are are either routed HSS or with a simple big square route.

If the body is routed for a humbucker, you just need to buy one you like, a new pickguard with the right configuration, and fit it.
You will need a router (to route the pickup cavities in the body) and a router bit for cutting pickguards, unless you intend to buy a fat strat pickguard (which I suggest you do). You will also need a humbucker (REALLLY!!!) a soldering iron, and some solder...
DON'T BLOW YOURSELF UP. If you want to but a fat strat may I suggest a yamaha pacifica 012 or 112. Both are very good solid body fat strats under $500 au
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big pic is rather big.

but yep, thats hss by the looks of it.
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Sweet, now i gotta start planning. i will also upgrade a few other while im at it.