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Please please, comments would be great. on the youtube or myspace, whichever. We love you all. Sorry for the awful quality!

You can check us out live if you are ever in the arkansas area. WE WILL PLAY YOUR PARTY FOR FREE! AND SHARE OUR CIGARETTES!, haha. Anyway, these were all recorded with a mic hanging from the ceiling of our house so, be gentle. Thanks for checking it out in advance dudes, and ladies.
The singer has a very good voice, I listened to Hanging On and it was pretty sweet, I'm not a big fan of that type of music so that's saying something, I'll be in Arkansas in October so I might come see you guys. I like the bands equality, not to heavy on the drums, guitar is simple but good. Yet again, the vocalist has a great voice.

C4C, even if you don't like death? :>

Left some comments on your youtube videos. I was really digging Crickets but The Poison I didn't care so much for. For some reason I kept expecting crazing PearlJam style running around while listening to you guys.
Cool, guys. We actually have better songs than the ones on the youtube and myspace. We REALLY can't wait to get into the studio. Thanks for the comments! If you guys come hang out with us in AR we would love it!
Nice, mellow songs you've got there!

Inform me when you've got something from the studio!
The song explains an emotion, as an end to lifelong mysteries, and the fantasy, for the fantasy is final result of reality...
Fantasy Engines
Josip Pesut
Thanks a lot man. That was me playing the bass. I am originally a guitar player, but bass is so much fun. Haha.
The Poison on the youtube sounds great Very tight and together. I'm digging the songs and the sound of your band.
I was expecting like radio alt rock...this is actually ALTERNATIVE, i dig the clean sounds. I checked out the youtube channel. I really liked The Poison, and crickets was ok. I couldn't really hear a lot of the parts cuz of audio. Your singers voice is very good. In the Poison I really like that chord progression with the major chord, then the minor chords. I also really dug that solo. Very nice touch. Overall, very nice.
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1202906
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Yeah, we sometimes call it underground alt. rock, because it deffinently isn't main stream. Though we do have a few that could pass for main stream.. but everyone needs a few of those, ya know.. haha. But we like to play what we like. Which unfortunately isn't what comes on the radio.. I'm checking your stuff out now! Thanks!
I hate to double post, but I really wanted to post this flier. Anyone in the area, come out, it will be grand!

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