Poll: should i grow my hair out?
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1 2%
10 24%
hell yes
7 17%
hell no
23 56%
Voters: 41.
so pit, i saw before people asking about beard growing and that stuff so i decided to ask since ive been kicking around the idea of growing my hair out (again)

but i want to know if id look good with long hair, coming from people i dont know.

so pit what do you think?

this is what i looked like before (with the long hair)

and this is what i look like now

should i grow it out? i need opinions.
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just go medium length. i think it'd suit you.
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I think short suits you best.




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Short hair looks best.
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The long hair looks good on you in the second picture.
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I think it would look cool if you shaved your head. But dont grow your hair, You will look like an aging Powerpuff Girl.
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I like the long hair but thats just me I like a lot of people better with long hair
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I voted hell ye, but then I saw you and I just say keep it short
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