i cant add more 8 tracks in guitar pro...
if i add 9th track he repeat 8th track
what i can do?
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i dont know, mine adds 15+ tracks fine. maybe yours is adding the 9th track but you can see it?
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I too have this problem. I think mine is 10 tracks though...I'd be interested to see the answer.
tip: it may have something to do with your "main channel" / "side channel" configuration. Sounds confusing, I know, because most people don't bother with that part of GP or their midi setup.

In the track mixer part of the GP screen (you know, lower left corner, where you use the volume sliders and panning and stuff), there is a column of the designated midi channels for each track. The column is to the left of the instrument-selection, or to the right of the "solo/mute" and "port" buttons. I don't use an english GP version, so I don't know what it's called exactly in english, but something to the effect of "main channel" and "side channel".

Now to the actual issue: GP uses 16 midi channels (probably depends on your soundcard). If you add a new track, it designates a new channel number as main channel to it, and (here's the point) a different channel number as side channel. I don't really need to go into -why- exactly that happens (and it obviously doesn't happen to everyone, as some people seem to have no problems getting full 16 tracks working without effort).
The effect of that happening is that it essentially halves your actual available track channels. If every one of your tracks uses two channels instead of one, you end up with only 8 working tracks instead of the 16 possible ones.

But the solution to this particular problem is quite simple. Just click on the "side channel" button of the specific tracks and assign them the same midi channel number as the main channel of the track (thereby freeing up more numbers in general). Do that for every track and voila, you can use all 16.
(sidenote: this main/side-thing is also responsible for effect of "linked" tracks people sometimes encounter, you know, where adjustments on one track affect another... now you know it's because they have the same channel numbers, a fact so small that most people overlook it)

If that's what solves your problem, you're welcome. If your issue is different, good luck I guess
Ailes, thank you man))
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