Anywhere I can get free drum loops? I'm looking for real sounding drums really, and a very wide variety of beats.
Me too. I did some drum programing but they're suck.
For me Midi enough, because I can use Stormdrum.
I'd say just observe and pay attention to what the drummers in your favourite bands do, and try to transcribe that into Midi.

I'm not dead set against loops, but to me, it seems it would better for you to get better at programming drums. That way you'll get a feel for them, and your ability to write drum tracks will improve.
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A wide selection of free, high-quality drum loops? Are you insane??? You'll need to fork out a bit of money if you want good loops.
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There are plenty of sites that offer free highquality drum loops. As a suggestion let me give you a list of places to download WAV files (AIFF on some sites).






oh and let me plug my blog as well as it has samples all on a CC license.

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